Monday, July 6, 2009

Get Your Costumes Ready

Just what do we mean by "Dress to Excess" at our Mid Summer Masquerade? We know our community loves to dress to the nines when they are just going out for the grocery's (you never know who you'll run in to, right?) so we want you all to pull out the stops and do what you've wanted to do and Dress to Excess!

Our costume pageant is more than just a costume *contest* it's a DARE- to give yourself permission to go as crazy as you want to and dip in to your creative well as deep as it goes.

(We only ask that you cover any areas that would be covered by a string bikini. Gotta stay on the right side of the line with the law.)

Our judges have four different categories to hand out the awards.

Most Glamorous: Female/Feminine- doesn't mean you are female- just that you define curves, grace and are dressed to Excess in glamorous, sensual beauty.

Most Debonair
: Male/Masculine- does not mean that you are male, just in a masculine costume and dressed to Excess with your "my macho" and yes, you can be macho in a skirt- we've seen it...and drooled about it.

Most Outrageous: creative, comedic, crazy or just... odd... we love the odd....

Most Bewitching: The judges favorite costume of the evening. The crowed title of the evening.

Do you have to dress in a costume to attend the event? No! We welcome voyeurs too! What's the point of dressing to excess, if there's no one to appreciate it! Got questions? Just drop us a line at Bewitchingburlesque at gmail dot com.

Come on out... we double dog dare you too!

Read all about one of our fabulous judges, Rocio, here.

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