Monday, July 20, 2009

Meet The Producers Part 1

Through the Looking Glass Studios

Time to meet the creator of Bewitching Burlesque Revue, Glam'Amour.

Glam'Amour began Bewitching Burlesque Revue as a way to give up and coming Burlesque performers a way to get their foot in the door, making sure everyone who has the desire gets a chance to shine no matter their experience level, age, or size. Since then, she's produced three other shows, and she has two more on the way. She has built quite a name for herself and at each show we have more and more dancers at our auditions.

Glam'Amour is not just an event producer, she is also burlesque performer and has numerous performances in the DFW area under her pasties. She has been seen at Dallas Burlesque Festival, Deep Ellum Arts Festival, Diffusion, Nouvelle Burlesque Revue, and Hot Rods & Heels.

Last May, Glam'Amour received recognition for all of her hard work in the burlesque community as a dancer and producer. She was nominated by her peers and selected to win the Burlesque Darling award for showing outstanding drive, motivation, talent at the Hot Rods and Heels Festival.

You never know what to expect next from this award-winning producer and performer.

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