Sunday, September 20, 2009

Audition Tips Part 2...Time Is of The Essence

Hey y'all!

Pixie O'Kneel here with Part 2 of my tips for auditions.

Another important tip is to be on time, and I'm sure this tip could be considered the biggest tip of all.

Tardiness shows a lack of respect for others and their time. It also shows that you are not reliable.

Get your directions, gas up your car, make sure you have all of your bits (costume, music, etc.) before you go. I would also suggest you have contact info on the people running the auditions just in case there is an emergency.

Allow for an extra 15-20 minutes of drive time because you never know what kind of hot mess traffic is going to be, especially in Dallas!

Hope this helps!

Talk to y'all again soon.

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