Thursday, October 8, 2009

Audition Tips Part 5...Playing Nice

Hi everyone!

Pixie O'Kneel here with the final installment of my audition tips.

We've all heard horror stories about divas. While every lady has a "Diva Card" in her pocket, it is best not to play that card. Being nice will get you a lot farther than being a Diva will.

~Be nice to the other auditionees in all aspects of the audition process.

~Chat but don't gossip. If you get the reputation of a gossip, you might just find yourself sitting in the corner by yourself.

~Thumper's Daddy was right when he said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.". This little mantra can really come in handy.

~Be willing to lend a helping hand. Help others with zippers, props, loan hair pins, etc. It will come back to you in the end.

~Be respectful of others and their "process". Everyone has a "process" they go through in order to prepare themselves for an audition. Some chatter like crazy, others would rather not chat and want to be left alone in order to mentally prepare themselves. And then there are those who are a combination of the two. Scope everyone out and figure out who falls into what category and go from there.

~Make introductions. Introduce yourself to the "newbies" and people you don't know. If you see some one you've seen perform at an audition, introduce yourself and tell her you saw her last show. It is a big boost to be recognized. It is also helpful to new performers to be able to make a connection. Who knows, you might make a new friend.

~Be humble. When you're given a compliment regarding your audition piece, your costume, or even your handbag, a heartfelt "thank you" is always appreciated. People will know you're genuinely grateful for their compliments.

Remember this: If you're nice to everyone, including the producers, you'll get asked back. People will say, "Oh yeah, I remember her. She was sweet and really nice, let's ask her back." And we all want to be asked back, right?

Talk to you again soon!

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