Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Debuantes at Bewitching

Debuantes at Bewitching

We know that DFW loves to be the first "in the know," and at Bewitching Burlesque- we make sure you get to see the very best new talent to hit the DFW area first - so you can be the one to say,

"Oh, yes! I remember her! We saw her months ago at Bewitching- you're right, she's awesome. So glad you finally got the chance to see her!"

Our shows have open auditions and we find some of the most creative and beautiful talent to strut, shimmmy and slide their stuff

Some of the fabulous performers that we have had grace our stage for their debuts:

Rose Darling and her sassy french stylings, made her debut on our stage and she has sky rocketed with her burlesque career since. She is a featured performer at Atomic Frolic, has been invited to perform at events in Chicago and is going to be a performer at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival after party in September!

Cora Coquette brought her tool box and so much more when she came to the Bewitching stage and she is also a featured performer at Atomic Frolic this weekend. This sweet and cheeky lady is sure to go far!

Scarlet Rose Royal bent over backwards, sideways, and other mind boggling ways to be a part of Bewitching Burlesque and she was cast in the huge hit show- Hot Rods and Heels as well as joining BB again this August.

Aviva Viola was certainly a tempting sweet treat at our last event and are we excited to have her back for our Mid Summer event and the number she has in store is just darling! We can't wait to see where she takes her creativity next!

Bunny Bailey, a fabulous cabaret dancer, joined the Bewitching Burlesque Stage team as one of sassiest panty wranglers we've ever come across at our last event. This August, she is debuting her first solo performance! Trust us, it's going to be hot!

And our debutantes of the Mid Summer Masquerade: Bubbles Von Bon Bon, Jade Pearl and Bunny Bailey are gonna put some starch in your collar! If you want to be the first to be in the know of up and coming Burlesque Performers, Bewitching Burlesque is the event to see!

Scarlet Rose Royal debuts back in March

photo credit: Naked Lens

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