Sunday, August 2, 2009

Meet The Producers Part 2

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Hi Everyone!

Pixie O'Kneel here.

I am one of the co-producers of Bewitching Burlesque and I also usually act as Stage Manager.

As co-producer, I help Glam'Amour with a lot of the pre-production activities, such as selecting the venue for the show, selecting performers who audition for the show, helping the vendors, and lots of other stuff that goes into planning an event.

As Stage Manager, it is my job to make sure the show runs smoothly and on time. I also direct the Panty Wranglers, and the Emcee. The Panty Wranglers and I set up and tear down the props for the performers and make sure the correct costume bits go to the correct performers.

I also made my burlesque debut at one of our shows and I will be performing again at Mid Summer Masquerade on August 8th. I am very excited about it!

Talk to y'all again soon!

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