Monday, August 3, 2009

Costume Pageant Rules

Hi Everyone!

Pixie O'Kneel here.

Glam'Amour and I are WAY excited about the Costume Pageant at our Mid Summer Masquerade show on August 8th! There are lots of creative people in our community and we want y'all to not only dress to impress but, dress to EXCESS!!!

We ask only that areas that would be covered by a string bikini would be covered by non transparent fabric. Other than that, you imagination is the limit!

Does body paint count? Body paint is lovely, and when done well, a great costume – just please be sure to have non transparent fabric over areas that would be covered by a string bikini.

Do pasties count? Very large pasties are fine.

Is a merkin ok? No, we don’t want any “accidents” with tape coming unstuck.

Will I be turned away if I did not follow the rules? Yes, without a refund.

See you Saturday night!

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