Monday, July 27, 2009

Miss Michelle Manx

Michelle’s love for dance started at the age of six when she began participation in ballet and tap classes. She became interested in bellydance when her mother enrolled in a bellydance class in the 70's and with her background in anthropology, the study of ethnic dance was a natural progression.

Michelle has studied the art of bellydance since early 2002, including Suhaila Salimpour technique (currently working towards her Level II Certification), Jamila Salimpour Format (Level I certified), various forms of Tribal Bellydance, and Egyptian Cabaret. She has also supplemented her knowledge of dance and movement by taking Bharata Natyam and yoga classes.

She currently teaches Tribal Fusion Bellydance in Austin, Texas. Michelle performs as a solo artist and is also a member of the bellydance collective Raks Helwa. One of her favorite venues of performance is at tattoo conventions, where she developed her signature style of incorporating the glamour, poses, and facial expressions of the pinup girls of the 40’s and 50’s into her Tribal Fusion style. In 2008, Michelle had the honor of debuting her 'Pin-up Bellydance' workshop at Tribal Fest 8 and was invited to teach again at Tribal Fest 9 and Tribal Fest 10.

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