Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photography @ Mid Summer Masquerade

Bewitching Burlesque is very excited to announce that Naked Lens Photography will be in the house for our MidSummer Masquerade, set up for portraits from the evening! A long time supporter of Burlesque, we are very excited he is going to be on hand to insure that you get a great portrait of your costume, your friends costume or whomever you can get to pose with you! You portrait will be available THAT NIGHT so you get to take it home that evening!

Is that awesome or what?!

Here is a little about Mark, the man behind the Naked Lens:

Mark has been a fan of photography for as long as he can remember, but
when he bought his first Nikon digital SLR in 2006, it began a new
interest in documentary photography at events such as Atlanta’s
Dragon*Con, Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, and various music and
fetish events in Dallas. In 2007 he saw his first burlesque show, and
the door was opened to a whole new world, since then, he has
photographed several of the local burlesque performances in the
Dallas/Ft Worth area.

The Naked Lens
shoots Michelle L'amour last Spring at the Spring Swing Revue

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