Friday, July 17, 2009

What's In A Name?

Hi Everyone!

Pixie O'Kneel here!

There are many jobs at a Burlesque show that don't involve taking off any clothes.

One I like to think is the coolest is what we at Bewitching Burlesque call the Panty Wrangler. There are lots of names for this job, "Pick Up Artist", "Stage Maid", and "Stage Kitten", just to name a few. The names vary region to region.

The Panty Wrangler is the person who goes behind the performers and picks up all of the stuff they leave behind. They are also part of the show, eye candy so to speak. In some shows, the P.W. even might have a bit part with the Emcee or if she (or he) has another talent like singing, juggling, or comedy they could also be asked to give the audience a peep of their hidden talent.

The job of the P.W. is not as easy as some may think it would be. A good P.W. knows that she is part of the show and needs to make picking up discarded clothing look as fun and sexy as possible. She will be required get made up and dressed up, keep her cool, not get anyone's costume bits mixed up, help the Stage Manager set up and tear down props, help to make the show run on time....All while smiling and acting like she is having the time of her life.

Some performers get their start in Burlesque as Panty Wranglers. Miss Bunny Bailey was the Panty Wrangler at our April Bewitching Burlesque show. You can see Bunny pulling panty duty at the Atomic Frolic show on July 18th, and she will be gracing the stage as a performer at Mid Summer Masquerade on August 8th.

So, you just never know, you maybe picking up stockings in one show and leaving yours behind in the next.

Talk to you again soon!

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