Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet The Debs...Miss Bunny Bailey

1) Do you have any dance experience other than burlesque?

Yes, dance was my first love. It was the first thing that took me out of that thing people refer to as "reality" and opened my world up. It began my journey of self-discovery and self-awareness; I learned so much about who I am without all the distractions through dance and movement. I got into dance classes at age 6 and continued through community college, but I hit a wall pretty early on in my dance life. For me dance is about freedom and a journey- a cleansing even, but traditional approaches have you taking classes where it's about doing it a certain way verses listening to what your soul and body want to do. And then there's competition, obligation, and teacher conflicts (yeah I'm not so good with "authority") - the magic is gone for me when that's what it becomes. I've waited many, many years to find a place where dance can be that amazing escape I found as a child- and what joy because I have!

2) What was it like to audition for a Bewitching Burlesque show?

Well, first I loathe auditions, so that's always gonna be part of my experience, but auditioning for the Bewitching Burlesque show is the best experience I've had! The big thing is that it's a hugely supportive environment. It's a very nerve racking thing to put yourself out there like that; with everything you've got inside you the pressure is on to try and make other people see it the way you do. But ultimately it's very clear that everyone wants to see you succeed at sharing what you've got and shine your brightest. It's very loving and makes the process so much more positive than other auditions I've gone on where they treat you're nothing special and don't acknowledge anything about the feelings you get when auditioning- most can be so cold.

3) What was it like to BE in a Bewitching Burlesque show?

Delightful! The only pressure I felt was the pressure I put on myself. It's such a difference from how many dance/art productions are ran, where there's all this tension and nothing is about you. I felt a lot of space around me and that was so wonderful. I had space to breathe, move, think, relax, laugh, everything. GlamAmour and Pixie had it handled from what I experienced and performers just got to concentrate on preparing and doing our best. The other girls in the show were great, so sweet, supportive, and enjoying themselves. I loved it!! Oh and the audience was wonderful as well, they were energetic and well behaved, true class acts themselves.

4) What have you done or what are you planning to do now that you have made your burlesque debut?

Well, I've been preparing for my burlesque debut for over 3 years so I was ready to get the show on the road. I had a number of things lined up for immediately after the show, but a surgery I had 3 days later got complicated and put a halt on those plans for a while. I will stay involved however I can until I'm healed up nice and good and then it's on! I have lots of ideas and I'm looking to perform on as many stages locally and in Austin as I can to start out. I also plan to produce my own shows and explore the varieties of ways to do burlesque. I'll also continue to do pinup modeling and I have been booked for Hot Rods and Heels 2010. Basically anything creative, loving, and forward-thinking I want to be a part of.

5) Tell us 3 things about yourself that people would be very surprised to know about you.

Well I'm a modern hippie visionary (ahem, no Birkenstocks here though m'dear) and I'm serious about changing the world. If you get me into a conversation about it I won't reveal all my top secrets to you, but I'll sure have plenty to say!

Second, I am a singer; I started around 7 and began writing songs at 10, surprisingly mature songs too. However, I have never shared this passion of mine until recently as I find it to be one of the most personal things I can share. I do plan to incorporate singing into my acts though and have a signature Bunny Bailey song that I can't wait to perform!

And last, I do not do gore- seriously, I will have a nervous breakdown and it will get very, very ugly 'til I find my center again.