Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet The Debs...Miss Jade Pearl

1) Do you have any dance experience other than burlesque?
I have been dancing ballet, jazz, and modern since I was a kid. I studied ballet seriously from when I was 14 until I graduated college.

2) What was it like to audition for a Bewitching Burlesque show?
It was nerve wracking! I have never auditioned for a show as a solo performer before. I kept seeing all the fabulous girls before me and thought to myself, "Man, I'm not gonna make it!" Luckily, though, I did make it.

3) What was it like to BE in a Bewitching Burlesque show?
It was exhilarating, if not a little nerve wracking. Being a solo performer means more responsibility on yourself to rehearse and make sure all of your ducks are in a row. I definitely loved it though and hope to keep working with Bewitching Burlesque in the future. Everyone is so supportive and organized!

4) What have you done or what are you planning to do now that you have made your burlesque debut?
I have an upcoming show in September 19 called Nouvelle Burlesque and I hope to keep auditioning for other shows. The burly bug has bit me hard and there's no turning back now!

5) Tell us 3 things about yourself that people would be very surprised to know about you.
- I am not a girlie girl, at all.
- I love the colors pink and green.
- I am one of the most conservatively dressed people I know regarding everyday wear.

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