Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meet Miss Cora Coquette

1) Do you have any dance experience other than burlesque?
I am trained in Vaganova style classical ballet, and performed and competed for thirteen years

2) What was it like to audition for a Bewitching Burlesque show?
All auditions are nerve wracking! Bewitching auditions are relaxed and positive. The ladies are all supportive and are more than willing to help in any way you need. As a performer that's incredibly valuable, since feedback is the only way to get better.

3) What was it like to BE in a Bewitching Burlesque show?
The shows are organized and entertaining. The girls selected styles compliment each other. There is a little bit of something for every one.

4) What have you been up to since last performed in a Bewitching Burlesque show?
If it hadn't been for Bewitching I wouldn't have begun performing! These ladies were instrumental to my debut, and since then I've had wonderful opportunities and had the pleasure of performing in many different venues with lots of talented women.

5) What are your future Burlesque plans?
To keep getting better! I hope to refine my technique and style. Maybe hit the road!

6) Tell us 3 things about yourself that people would be very surprised to know.
~When I was five years old I announced to my family when I grew up I was going to strip. (It was at this point my parents realized they had their hands full)

~I lived in a convent for a stint

~I didn't know my booty had a mind of it's own until I started performing burlesque...I guess that's more a surprise to me.

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