Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home For The Holidays With Your Future Ex-Wife, Erin Go Braughless

What holiday do you celebrate and how do you celebrate it?

We celebrate Festivus; the Festivus for the Rest of Us. We send out Festivus cards, decorate our house to the point of being a fire hazard, and put up a tree with ornaments we have collected over the years that have lots of memories for us.

What is your favorite holiday movie or television show?

I am always a sucker for the 24 hours of "A Christmas Story!" That movie really shows the real Christmas miracle, getting your dad to do what your mom won't.

What is your favorite holiday song and who performs your favorite version?

It is really cheesy, but I love "Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg

What is your favorite holiday beverage, adult or otherwise?

My favorite beverage ever is Diet Dr. Pepper, it is like a fine wine that enhances to flavors of everything.

What is your most memorable holiday gift?

I remember when I got my red Power Wheels Corvette when I was little and just rollin' down the street like I was the coolest kid even invented.

Are you a gift shaker?

No! I love the surprise of finding out what is in the box all at once!

Do you rip into gifts or open them nicely so you can reuse or save the wrapping paper?

Depends on the paper; my father in law is an art teacher so sometimes he hand illustrates the paper and he is an amazing artist, so I totally save and cherish those.

Care to share a holiday horror story?

When I was like 12 years old, we were at my family's house opening gifts on Christmas Eve and having dinner when all of the sudden Santa Claus burst in the door to bellow "MEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRY CHRISTMAS!" and walked around and said hi to us all and did the whole "HO HO HO" thing and then left after like a minute and a half and then showed himself out and shut the door behind him. After that my parents looked at each other and then at my grandparents, and then my uncles, and then we realized that no one had ordered this Santa and he had just showed up. My dad looked out the door and saw Santa running down the street looking at a piece of paper and the addresses on the houses on our street. Lesson learned: people will let you come into their home and touch their kids on Christmas if you are dressed like Santa Claus. They won't even look for your sleigh.

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