Monday, November 9, 2009

Home For The Holidays with Shoshana Portnoy of Through The Looking Glass Studio

What holiday do you celebrate and how do you celebrate it?

Channukah. (Since its translated from Hebrew, there are a million English spellings that are considered "correct")

When grandma was around, we all gathered at her house and it was the only time we used the formal dining room. We would eat lots of fried food (representing the oil that led to the miracle of lights), the best fried goodness by far is the latke. Mmmmmm. We have a huge brisket, a pile of latkes, light the menorah, say some prayers, and fill our bellies before opening presents.

(While its true that we get eight night of presents as children; Jews consider a new pair of socks a present- so don't be too jealous.)

What is your favorite holiday movie or television show?

I don't have one, although my partner subjects me to "A Christmas Story" year after year. He loves it. I wish he were addicted to "It's a Wonderful Life". That's a good one.

What is your favorite holiday song and who performs your favorite version?

There's not much competition in the Channukah music industry, so I'll go with Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah Song- Version I", but actually my favorite is a Christmas song. The original "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by Judy Garland.

What is your favorite holiday beverage, adult or otherwise?

I actually like eggnog with spiced rum added. Mmmmmmmm. Cholesterol.

What is your most memorable holiday gift?

My first cassette tape ever- Micheal Jackson's BAD

Are you a gift shaker?


Do you rip into gifts or open them nicely so you can reuse or save the wrapping paper?

Rip It!

Care to share a holiday horror story?

Back in the day, when everyone was around, you were guaranteed at least one fight at every family gathering. Now everyone's too old to throw a punch, so its pretty calm and on the up and up.

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