Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Series: "Home For The Holidays"

The Christians celebrate Christmas, the Jewish celebrate Hanukkah, the Pagans and Wiccans celebrate Yule. Then there is Diwali, Eid ul-Adha, and Bodhi Day for the Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhists respectively. Oh, and Kwanzaa too!

Every religion on our small planet has a winter holiday that is very significant to their worship. That point set me to thinking about how diverse a group we Burlesque performers really are, and I had a brain storm for my new series of blog posts, "Home For The Holidays".

This series will feature interviews from the cast and crew of "Gifts & Garters" asking what holiday they celebrate and how they celebrate it. You might even get a glimpse of your favorite performer as a child.

I hope everyone enjoys this bit of holiday fun!

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessed Yule,
Pixie O'Kneel

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